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Why use a Private Intelligence Company

Why our clients turn to us

Typically, our clients use our support when they face either financial or reputational risk. It is then that their use of a PIC has a number of advantages for their businesses and other organizations over other more traditional solutions.

  • First, we can provide access to intelligence and investigative resources that would otherwise be unavailable.

  • Second, we are able to be more responsive to the needs of their clients than traditional intelligence agencies.

  • Third, we are not subject to the same legal and political constraints as intelligence agencies, which gives us greater flexibility in how we operate.


  • Fourth, we often have access to a wider range of human and technical resources than intelligence agencies, which allows us to provide a more comprehensive intelligence product.

  • Finally, we are not bound by the same rules of confidentiality and secrecy that apply to intelligence agencies, which gives us the ability to share information with our clients in a more open manner.

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